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Simone Favarin is a Senior Award Winner Digital Designer, Experience Architect & Digital Thinker with passion for innovation, psychology, art & music.




I started when "WWW" was very young (1998) and I approached both life and work with sincerity, honesty, and creativity. I own strong knowledge of software, OS systems, network methodology and software/design engeneering. I'm appassionate about digital design, psychology, art and music.



For the past twelve years, I have achieved success within diverse service-oriented industries providing the vision, strategy, execution to improve digital operations, grow revenue and enhance position in highly competitive markets under new media change. With a background in digital & virtual design, Start-Up, digital design and psychology, I have a thorough understanding of the digital market and know what it takes to champion a company needs.



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Simone is a top design thinking / service design professional. He has the ability to frame problems in a 360° way, helping both private and public stakeholder in framing problems and identifying solutions.
— Raffaele Mauro, managing director at Endeavor Italy

If the definition of ‘genius’ relates to a person who displays exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, and originality, that lead to achievement of powerful insights, I believe this definition perfectly fits Simone. I’m not only referring to a particular aspect of him, but to his overall ability to go deeper using different fields of knowledge.
— Stefania Gogna, International Semiotician - Brand and Consumer Insights

Simone has an impressive energy and productivity. He is full of great ideas, talent and has great team building skills.
— Elena Pugacheva, International business intermediary