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Feed The User: Levers And Methods For Lead And Customer Nurturing

Nourish, nurture, to help, to grow: it is the goal of many campaigns in the field of digital or not, but there's more. Because if we have very clear where we want to - get conversions, stimulating action, achieving results in short, in terms of quantity and quality - it is crucial to understand what tools to use and what topics proposed.


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Experience is Core

Design is a way of thinking, of determining people’s true, underlying needs, and then delivering products and services that help them. This is the starting about Design. The meaning of the concept.


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Social Psychology & Technological Innovation In a Business Method

According to Lewin (1948), a group can be defined as a totality based on interdependence. The common destiny, the goal, is both an expression and a product of this interdependence. Each group is characterized by peculiar, pliable dynamics.



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Demonstrating the effects of priming, how people can be susceptible to such suggestions and how to solve it with Design, our brain process and connective intelligentsia.


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Visual Connexion: the Beginning

How my methodology works and why is it important to understand the potential of connective intelligence.


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Collective Intelligentsia

Create a strategy or a re-evolution based on the fair, global and collaborative contribution of individuals. not a democracy from the bottom, but a common democracy.