Simone Favarin

is an italian Senior Award Winner Digital Designer, Digital ID Designer & Digital Thinker with passion for innovation, psychology, art & music. 

For the past twelve years, he have achieved success within diverse service-oriented industries providing the vision, strategy, execution to improve digital operations, grow revenue and enhance position in highly competitive markets under new media change.

Co-Founder of tNotice. Squarespace Circle Member.


One of the best among all people I have ever met. Always punctual expert, he is always capable of adapting to new working environments. His education and loyalty makes him to view solutions instead of problems.
— Antonio Cianci, CEO of AM Technology Ltd. - Kauffman Fellows
If the definition of ‘genius’ relates to a person who displays exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, and originality, that lead to achievement of powerful insights, I believe this definition perfectly fits Simone. I’m not only referring to a particular aspect of him, but to his overall ability to go deeper using different fields of knowledge.
— Stefania Gogna, International Semiotician - Brand and Consumer Insights
Simone is a top design thinking / service design professional. He has the ability to frame problems in a 360° way, helping both private and public stakeholder in framing problems and identifying solutions.
— Raffaele Mauro, managing director at Endeavor Italy & kauffman fellows
Simone Favarin’s output in media design and management has the creativity of an artist and the delivery of a speed runner. A great professional to work with.
— Architect Florencia Costa, Founder of WAA (who's afraid of architecture)
Simone is my creative’s mentor. He is “Forward thinking” and has a contagious positive attitude. Shame not to know.
— Claudio Anastasio, Founder & President tNotice - S.p.A.
Simone has an impressive energy and productivity.
He is full of great ideas, talent and has great team building skills
— Elena Pugacheva, International business intermediary
Simone is a brilliant designer with a nice taste for glamour styles. His work can match very high profile customers. He can create terrific designs in a few hours work.
— Marcello Bozzi, Computer Science Teacher and Wikipin Cofounder
Simone has a clear aptitude for aesthetics, design and style. I can recommend him as a person with great expertise and deep proficiency of business solutions. As far as I know, he is a very productive person. He is a customer focused, independent, creative and energetic, has no problem to work hard when necessary. Makes the impossible possible.
— Raffaele Pizzari, Experienced Web Developer
Great worker, substantial designer, quick thinker
— Livio Milanesio, Strategy and Storytelling Director
Simone has powers of observation, excellent mastery of resources and absolute creative sensibility.
— Roberto Bonu, President at Web Italia Onlus